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Brave Timbers is the solo project of Sarah Kemp, from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The music fuses violin, piano, tenor guitar and field recordings to produce beautifully mournful, pastoral sounds inspired by living close to the North Sea and the music of Rachel’s, Dirty Three and ‘The Straight Story’ soundtrack. Sarah also plays in Lanterns on the Lake (Bella Union).

Brave Timbers has contributed a track to the 'Music & Migration' compilation on Second Language Records, alongside Vashti Bunyan, Peter Broderick and Hauschka.  The debut album 'for every day you lost' was released in September 2010.  Brave Timbers has played shows alongside Amiina, P. Jorgensen, Glissando and The Declining Winter.

Praise for Brave Timbers:

Fluid Radio
Review of 'for every day you lost' album on Second Language
"11 contemporary classical compositions which in their entirety will also hold their own amongst the canons of great acoustic folk recordings. Sometimes recalling the work of other artists like Rickard Jäverling, Motohiro Nakashima and Angelo Badalamenti’s score for ‘The Straight Story,’ ‘For Everyday You Lost’ is a musical gem. Quite simply a remarkable work of heartfelt, intimate encouragement that will no doubt be remembered as one of the most honest and beautiful creations of the year."

Norman Records
Review of 'for every day you lost' album on Second Language

"This extraordinarily lovely CD is the 7th release on Glen Johnson's Second Language imprint. Sarah Kemp plays violin for Last Harbour, Fieldhead & Leeds' cherished Declining Winter amongst others. This solo project sees her create evocative & moving instrumental music that prominently features her sweet, wistful, longing violin embellished with tenor acoustic guitar & occasional piano. It largely falls into the realms of neo-classical loveliness but I think I'd describe this beauty more as pastoral chamber folk. It sounds distinctly English, conjuring images of dusty country lanes, woodland nature, fields and trees being buffered by strong breezes. There shouldn't be a soul about to disturb a thing as you sink into the majestic warmth of these tunes. There is a slight air of melancholy to the music but also a wide-eyed wonderment. Snippets of playful, crackly dialogue can suddenly interrupt a song, there the playing becoming more jaunty & innocent. 'For Every Day You Lost' is a modern treasure. It really warms my cockles that we sell music like this. A cherishable escape from the modern world, tenderly played, expertly crafted. Lovely packaging too & we have an EXCLUSIVE bonus 3" CD with remixes by Epic 45, Declining Winter & many others. It's called 'Woodwork' and won't be about for long. Definitely one for fans of Rachels et al."

Norman Records
Review of 'Music & Migration' compilation on Second Language
 "The standout tracks are the ones by David John Shepherd, Xela, The Declining Winter, Lene Charlotte Holm, Brave Timbers and Fieldhead. There's some stunning pieces of music on this album and if you're into the neo classical, post-rock or the more sound art adventurous side of things then you'll love this.